Donate cloth and other stuff the smart way and get more $$$ on your tax deduction

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What makes us different.

To deduct a donated noncash item worth $250 to $5,000, you need a contemporaneous written acknowledgement from the charity (more detailed than a receipt) that meets IRS guidelines.

Goodwill and other donation places does not give you the exact value for your donations, which makes it hard for people to claim more deductions on the things they donate. With your donations, we will sell it on ebay, and you deduct from you taxes what we sell.

Get more for the stuff you donate

Be smart on how you donate cloth and furniture

Full Transparency

Everything you donate will contain a tracking number, so you know exactly how much it was sold for

Detailed records

You will be able to provide the IRS an exact record of you donations

Collection made easy

Go to our weekly pop up pick up location for an easy drop off, or ship your donations to our warehouse.

We accept everything

Anything we can sell we will take, if you have very large items such as cars we can even arrange pick ups.

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The donations you give us will go back to the communities through other charities that we work with, everything is transparent so you will see exactly where your donations went.